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Saturday • October 25 • 2014

Because good youth ministry doesn't just happen

Equipping You for Ministry

Just For Fun

Today, I was in the bathroom at a popular coffee chain. Someone wrote "What Would Jesus Do?" on the wall.

Another person wrote directly underneath that, "Wash His hands."

Then a third person wrote, "And your feet."




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    Beyond Chubby Bunny

    Tips and tricks on how to plan some awesome games for your group.

  • Playing with Purpose

    Playing with Purpose

    Godly play invigorates the spirit, renews creativity and energy for problem solving, and opens youth up to new insights.

  • Thinking, Partnering, Working

    Thinking, Partnering, Working

    Children's and youth ministries must take time to come together and create space for conversation, evaluation, and collaboration.

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  • Make Time for Yourself Outside of Church

    Make Time for Yourself Outside of Church

    Prioritizing your family time will help you be a better youth pastor. Here's some tips on how to manage both family and youth ministry time.

  • Adrenaline


    Examining the reality of adrenaline addiction in youth workers.

  • Off the Clock

    Off the Clock

    Quick tip to help develop an awareness of how much of your time is spent working.

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